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It's As Simple As Peel & Place


Welcome to Hat Triqs Stickers. We are the worlds best peel and place hat bill sticker.   

Hat Triqs is the first hat bill accessory that is used to accessorize your fashion sense, advertise your group, company or product or simply protect the bill of your hat.

Our simple peel and place sticker allows users to change the look of their hats in an instant. Our motto... "It's As Simple As Peel & Place".


Hat Triqs Stickers started out as a simple design printed on paper and cut out in the shape of a hat bill. Who would have thought that this idea would evolve into a functioning hat accessory that is affordable and fun to use. This one of a kind hat bill product can become a canvass for whatever your imagination can create. And unlike our competitors, Hat Triqs Stickers can be used multiple times and won't ruin when they get wet.

I sincerely thank you for visiting our site and hope you like Hat Triqs Stickers as much as millions of hat owners across the world soon will.




Travis Bradford

Owner & Creator

Hat Triqs Stickers

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